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~comfort the disturbed, disturb the comfortable~


and then...
One can find me here or there.


)'(, absinthe perspective, adventure doing, anarchy making, anime licking, anonymous everything, anti-social inner self, archery spewing, art monologues, astronomy meanderings, astrophysics ticklings, being the red pill, bisexuality of course!, books, booze making, boundary pushing, boys in eyeliner, buddhism interests, burningman cataloguing, camping regenerating, carl orff, cartography and findings, clubbing it up!, cognac and cigar, cognitive science, cognitive-behavioral therapy, communication and its pitfalls, computer gaming, computer programming, consciousness, cooking it up!, cooking with booze, crepes, crushes, dancing all night, dark chocolate 100% cocoa, darkness of my heart, decadence be having!, duality, emergence, enfp, europe is me, fetish, fire spinning, foreign countries, foreign films, france, freaks, free software, freenet, friends, geeks, great big stompy boots, healing, healing hands, healthy living, hiking, hot springs, information sharing, intelligence, intentional community, intimacy be having, ironic, jedi mind tricks, kundalini feeling, labyrinth within, le champagne, learning for a living, leather smelling, library's ghosts, literary erotica, love, lucid dreaming, marseille, massage, mathematics, mental masturbation, meyers-briggs, motorcycle riding, mountain top touching, music silence between notes, my son, naturalistic dualism, neal stephenson, paradoxes, parenting, people, people watching, peripateticism, philosophizing, photography, physics, piercings, poetry, poi, porn, provence, quantum gravity, questions, radical honesty, rallye driving, reading till dawn, recipes, red rain, role play, science fiction, seattle, sex, sharpening knives, singing, sleeping naked, snowboarding, socializing, solving problems, sparklies, string theory, surrealism, sushi, synaptic clefts, tattoos, the ocean, the power of myth, the tea party, thunderstorms, transformation, travel, underground civilization, vegan/vegetarianism, velvet, vodka, walking, web design, wiki, wine, wireless, witchcraft, yoga, zen,